The Mutual Release
Gotta ride that real estate wave, brah

Gotta ride that real estate wave, brah

Whenever I am asked what it is like to be a Realtor, I always want to say ‘it’s basically surfing’. I guess without all the waxing though, but I don’t think there is honestly a better way to describe the sensation of being a great Realtor. The preparation, the respect, the grind, the mindset and of course the reward. It plays brah, it plays.

Let’s duck dive right into it then.

Gotta respect the game

Simple rule - if you do not pay close attention to the weather, the water and your own health, then surfing becomes a very dangerous activity. Any instructor on any beach in the world will tell you to be very mindful of three of these items. A failure to do so will likely result in an early day at the beach.

I was taught to always ask myself three questions on the beach about ‘me, the weather and the sea’. It rhymes, so that works for low-attention span realtors like myself quite nicely. Am I ok (dehydrated, over-heated etc)? What does the weather forecast look like (high wind, possible lightning etc)? Is the water safe to enter right now (tides, unusually rough water etc)? All of this advice helps to acknowledge any potential problems and identify problems before they become out of our control. While grabbing your board and just heading into the water is much easier, this is the approach that delivers predictable results and helps to avoid disaster. 

A disaster in any outdoor situation is usually the result of several compounding mistakes, not one singular event. I would suggest that your blossoming real estate career is too.

The mental and measured preparation for the rough waters of real estate is essential. Demonstrate a level of respect for how difficult our job can be and you will approach your day differently. And the big disasters? Nah brah, you avoid those because you made sure to not make mistakes on top of mistakes.

You have to seek that rush and go all-in

A well-built career in real estate, like surfing, requires a little genetic malfunction. You have to have that thrill-seeking mentality inside of you. When you feel that wave underneath your board starting to lift you, you just gotta trust your skills and go for it. Same applies, real estate is a go-for-broke kinda gig.

There are two types of people at the beach; those who love to surf and those who watch surfers and think they are nuts. Not saying either is right or wrong, just make sure you know who you are. If the threat of no pay checks vs unlimited income doesn’t excite you, then a career in real estate is always going to be a challenge. There are no guarantees here, only risks and rewards.

The safe play is to stay on the beach and kick back, but I say to you fellow Realtors, that umbrella drinks are for after a day of hard work on the water.

Better be in battle mode

As someone who has spent more than enough time under the water and trying to figure out which way is up, I know that surfing, like real estate, has more grind than glory in it. A long, tough journey out in exchange for a few glorious moments on top of the wave. Sounds like your next listing.

You won’t get anywhere trying to improve your surfing if you don’t embrace the battle. Swimming against the waves to return back to the promised land that awaits beyond the break. But the comfort zone beyond the break is boring. There is no action here, so you get ready to ride that perfect wave. But you rushed it, hopped on the wrong one and suffer embarrassing defeat. Sounds like moments throughout my entire real estate career, actually.

So what now then? Quit or battle back out? Your call.

The real estate grind is real - you have to learn to embrace it on all levels. Some moments will come easy, so enjoy them, but you will plummet into the water more than you will succeed. It’s cool, just know that a real career requires a non-stop battle mode mentality.

Paddle The Path of Least Resistance

So there I was. Sitting on the beach completely exhausted and frustrated and blaming my board. Can’t be my fault, I am doing everything right, but just can’t seem to make anything really stick today. The waves were way too big and it was taking way too much effort to get out there. My spirit, along with my energy were crushed.

Then I saw this local Costa Rican kid that I watched the day before show up to the beach. He weighed about 125 lbs with pretty much 0% body fat and the rattiest old board you have ever seen. I remember thinking to myself ‘he’s gonna get demolished by those waves today’. He did a little yoga on the beach and had a solitary moment of worship while he studied the water. 

I was mesmerized by his approach. I just sat and stared at him, good thing I had shades on.

He picked a spot about 100m down the beach and went into the water on a very peculiar angle. Well, peculiar to me, but he knew exactly what he was doing. Amongst these giant crashing waves, he barely had to dive under the water. Zig-zagging back and forth and was out beyond the break in no-time flat. I couldn’t believe what I just saw.

Same result, just 10% of the effort I was putting into it. If only someone had told me this was an option with my real estate career …

We do have options. Are we just gonna battle, or are we gonna battle with a game plan? Are we gonna waste our energy on useless real estate stuff that yields no positive end result? Are we gonna work hard or work smart? 

I learned more sitting on that beach from that kid than I ever did in any real estate course. The path of least resistance is the one you want. Save your energy for the battles that matter most.

Enjoy the highs, but in the right way

Surfing is all about the moment your feet hit the board and you realize you stuck the landing. It’s a surreal high. It’s mojo that you can carry forward into your land life and you want to seek out more of it.

Your career is the exact same.

When you beat the odds and get that house sold, it is a total rush. What people don’t realize is that it is not about the money, it’s about the emotional high. It’s about adrenaline. It’s about pride.

Good surfers and good Realtors find a way to bottle that mojo up and use it again. A little fist pump, a quick mental review of what worked and why, and then head back out into familiar waters. It’s a solo celebration, there is no parade. It was a moment in time to remember, but you need to repeat it over and over again to be a true story of success. 

In the end, I think Realtors spend too much time battling on the way out or celebrating catching a great wave. Your career, like a pure ride, is won or lost with your mental approach. Add as much technology, seminars, books or coaches as you want - this simple principle will never change.

Time for umbrella drinks, brah.


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