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Making cheddar like the Cheeseballs

Making cheddar like the Cheeseballs

You know those guys in our industry - the ones who often make ridiculous marketing claims, you cringe a little when you see them on the other side of a deal and they should have an asterisk beside everything that comes out of their mouth. They usually come complete with some sort of slogan that you shake your head at or marketing practices that have been statistically useless for a decade. You know those guys and right now you’re thinking about one in your town, every city has these guys. 

Well, they must be doing something right - because they are still here.

Believe it or not, but in order to be successful in your real estate career you need to learn a little something from these guys we too often chuckle at and are dismissive of the way in which they build their business.

As someone who prides themselves in helping new Realtors reach their full potential, I can honestly say I think I have studied all of the various paths to success. I am a firm believer that no one direct path is the answer, there are too many variables in the equation - how an Agent is built emotionally, their career background, their target demographics, their support system at home and on and on … 

There is no secret or singular path to success. And most importantly, there also are no shortcuts. 

Enter the cheeseballs …

That’s right, they have figured it out - they might not be the smartest, have the largest network or have inherited mommy or daddy’s book of clients. They have figured out that the only common denominator in any successful real estate career is hard work. Regardless of how they go about it, at least they are going about it like they mean it each and every day. 

You gotta respect that, and you certainly should be willing to learn from it, 

Spend your money on all of the can’t miss home selling seminars, ground-breaking strategies, lead-funnel filling apps and revolutionary new websites you want - it is all useless unless you are willing to put in the work. Real estate rewards the hardest workers, no one else.

I like to relate everything back to a hockey analogy, it should actually be a requirement of a Canadian Broker. Your career in real estate revolves squarely around having the mentality of a 4th line winger. A grinder, the player who never stops working, someone the coach knows they can count on to find a way. As a Broker, I always root for the fourth line winger Realtors out there and will do whatever I can to help them put it all together in their careers. If you can’t reward hard work, then what can you reward.

Back to the cheeseballs - While you might not like some of their business-building tactics, you should really learn to run your business with the same amount of mozza that they do. It’s likely the only thing keeping them in business. If a realtor as good-looking, talented and well connected as yourself applied that same work ethic, your success should be imminent, right? Not exactly, but if you keep getting up and being the hardest working Realtor in your office, the results will be there. 

I am ending on a cheesy note - trust me and learn from these guys, It’s the only way you’re gonna make that cheddar …    


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